I am who I think I am

I am who think without limits

I harness it with creativity and emotion

I can build or destroy

I choose not to destroy

I am in control

I am not in control

I believe in myself first

I do not believe everything I see with my naked eyes

Not everything can be solved by logic and reason

I am a child of God

I accept that only my faith can save me

I struggle with good

I struggle with evil

And when I have exhausted everything I am, I leave it up to him

I am a loyal friend

And the key to true friendship is acceptance, nothing else

Friendship is as vital as family

It is better to have a few friends

Than put up a façade among hundreds

I am a student

I absorb the text as I absorb the sunlight

My teachers are God’s stewards

I have much to learn

I will not stop learning

I am a teacher

It is God who gave me my students

I owe it to him to teach them to become the best they can be

Everybody has the right to learn

Just as their right to breathe

I embrace my past

I learn from it

I smile at the present

I am enjoying every minute of blessings

I am ready for tomorrow


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