me :-)

This is me. Complicated and imaginative. I dare you to enter my thoughts.

I was born on March the first. So yes, I’m Piscean. And I think it pretty much explains why I’m like this. I prided myself more intelligent than my peers once, having been able to read and write at the age of three and skip two years during pre-school and primary school. But I guess being too far from your peers would make you lose your childhood. Now I’m 30 years old, doing this degree right after sailing through BA English Literature and BS Business Management in UP while still making up my mind on what the hell I’m really doing with my life and on why can’t I be a kid forever. Or worse, people would always ask “How can someone like you end up studying here?”

I just tell them “How can someone like me not? I hate wearing uniforms.”

Being in this school made me realize that as much as the type of school could help shape up your backbone, it is not always the general case. It is through your passion and diligence that would allow you to soar at your destination. UP and WIT have taught me different styles of looking at the world. The former with ambition, and the latter, with compassion.

I have the blood of artists. My father is a thespian, a photographer, and once, a painter. My mother is a fashion designer. So is my younger sister. And my brother is a musician. The five of us can draw well and we all play the guitar. My grandfathers from both sides were singers and thespians. And the rest of my extended family? Well, let’s just say, they inherited the madness that comes with the art.

I love art. Be it theater, literature, music, dance, and fashion. And who does not love even one form of art? I think people would have loss of air if God takes away their art. It adds up a big part to my complication, but it makes me feel free. So I’m willing to stay complicated.

I chose teaching because I personally think it is the noblest job in the world. Even priests can be partial. But not teachers. We teach both the good and the bad and we let the students decide for themselves on which road to take. Teaching allows me to fuse my art and my imagination to rouse my students’ minds. I love the look on their faces when they are trying to think of an answer to an issue I bring up. And most of all, I love seeing their faces when they tell me that they learned something from me.

Personally, I love studying… It’s like a forced hobby, but a hobby nonetheless. Oh! We’re only talking about English subjects here right? Because if we’re talking about studying Maths or Filipino, then it’s an entirely different story. Think Da Vinci doing the dougie.

As I am both teaching, studying and working at this moment, I think I have the right to say that I know how students feel. And I boldly use it to my advantage. I am a supporter of hypermedia as an educational tool. And I will elaborate my reasons later. I simply think that as each generation progresses, so does its science, and consequently, its technology.

I am far from perfect. I am not a morning person, and my brain is at its most active at around midnight, which explains why I chose to write this at 1:27 in the morning. I am also the most stubborn person you’ll meet. If I want something, I’ll cry, beg, and scream or at least pretend to cry, beg, and scream just to get them. If everything fails, I work harder and push my boss to the edge until he gives me a cash advance.

I run two blogs, one is personal and it contains all my thoughts, ideas, dreams, frustrations, and plans on my future. It mostly features things I love about life and thing I love about being a teacher. The other one is a website for my business. I create and sell vintage-inspired accessories, hair accessories and personal hand-made sanitizers. I also like taking photographs and I feature them on both my blogs.

When I finish school, I have two plans. The business side of me hopes to go back to Korea or go somewhere far where my skills are needed by EFL students then maintain a minimal part of my business as a kind of sideline. But what I really dream of is for my business to succeed and then, volunteer teaching to less fortunate students during weekends. Either way, I hope that I do them with integrity and passion.

Honestly, I feel that my life is too short. My mind sees something different everyday, and although most of the time my mind gets consumed by nonsensical, worldly matters, there will always that time and that little corner in my mind that invites me to free my thoughts. To ask, to ponder, to wonder, to critic, to create, to rant, to pray, to fly.

Do I sound schizophrenic now? We better hope I’m not.  


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