Guys, meet CHUCKY, a.ka. .Charles Lee Ray a.k.a Chaka Doll.. He might come off as a good doll at first, but what you do not know is that he has a big knife on his back! HE looks meek and kind and he would seem like the perfect companion, but in reality, he is one psychopathic son of a bitch who will trample anyone just to steal your soul.

He is a disgusting midget, with no manners and no breeding. He was an ex-convict at his previous life. NO WONDER! He is so good on the outside that in the movie the kid goes to his parents and tells them that Chucky is evil, but no one would believe him. He is indeed manipulative and makes people believe that he’s the good guy when in fact his character is lower and much dirtier than a pile of worm shit.

At first he he pretended to be a good doll, so the kid would trust him. But then when the kid finally allowed him to take control, he went back to his real self, a pure manifestation of evil that surpasses even Hitler with a pineapple shoved up so high in his ass (See Little Nicky.) He belongs in hell and nowhere else. Period.

Fortunately, as most movies go, GOOD triumphs evil. Everyone finally knew what Chucky really was and in the end, the truth set everything free. Except Chucky of course. The pathetic loser-dwarf was hacked into pieces and Andy and his friends grew up and moved on with their lives, without ever looking back at the time when their lives were bothered by a cheap, two-faced, maggot-infested abomination in the name of CHUCKY.

So moral lesson of the movie. Never trust a kind face. Dolls can be very deceiving. But no matter how pathetic they are, they still have a story to tell. For me, Chucky was an epitome of someone who has been left alone and abandoned. He is a useless worm who tried to find his own identity in the world. Unfortunately, at the end of the movie, his identity turns out to be exactly who he really is—- still a WORM… Having realized this, he became so enraged that he thought that if he goes down, then everybody should go down with him.

Good thing the movie also tells us that the truth will come out no matter how much we hide it. Even if Chucky tried to put everyone in misery, the GOOD PEOPLE still won in the end! That is how the world is… no matter how you twist it… GOOD PEOPLE WIN, BAD PEOPLE LOSE…. Karma, my friends, is the best ally… and just like Chucky in all six movies, everything that he does will all go back to destroy him.

So kids, beware of CHUCKY… he could be lurking anywhere, trying to be your new best friend. He could be tagging along with you even if you don’t want to or sticking to you like glue even if you’re too disgusted to be around it. Look inside your heart and see the truth, for it may just save your life. So, be careful and always remember what I said….not all dolls are created equal!




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